Sunday, 31 January 2016

Make a quote

Make a Quote
Collaboration, Communication, Team Building
In teams students design a range of quotes based around team work. Some examples can be found here.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

One Question

One Question
Communication, Collaboration
It’s quite simple: the teacher gets to decide the situation the question will pertain to. Example situations include babysitting, leading the company, or being married. Pose this question: If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s suitability for (insert topic here), what would your question be? Say the leader chose to go with a marriage situation. Each team would come up with one question that would help them discover whether or not their partner was suitable to be married to them. If the topic was babysitting, each team member would have to come up with just one question whose answer would help them determine whether or not the person was suitable to babysit their child.
Other categories might be:

  • Being a teacher
  • Best friend
  • The president
  • A year 11 in the group project
  • A year 9 in the group project
  • A Mum